blogger's day

Today is the blogger's day, and theese are my recomendations:

  1. Ya Dimos This is the personal blog of Marcelo Gantman (sport reporter and has a program in Rock & Pop with other people).

  2. 100 Volando This is the personal blog of Alejandro Rozitchner (argentinie philosopher).

  3. La disyuntiva del Perro This is the personal blog of Gustavo Boksar (hacker, free software lover and good friend).

  4. The lines on my face This is the blog of a mexician girl (a blog that once read, what I saw speciall in it was her point of view and the descriptions of the city that she lives)

  5. Kirainet The personal blog of Hector Garcia (as he calls himself, a geek in japan).

I also read somme in esperanto, like: Karulin' verena This is the personal blog of karulin (is one the blogs in esperanto that I read from time to time).
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