kind of ToDo for my recipe site

For a long time I have a site that I made for recipes. Now, I got a module to handle in the way that I want, the uses, it's called device.

Now, in my internal ToDo, I only have to improve the import of the recipes (avoid having lines with ------~, etc). And is going to be my beta1 (after so many years).

After being in beta for some time, testing all the soft. I'm going to add the "make a buying list", that is quite simple, just an array associated to the user, that contains all the recipes selected by the user, when the user wants to see the list, is generated. All recipes are summed (quantities). for this, I have to have a list of different names for the same ingredient  (like flour, flour 000 and flour 0000 are not the same, but general cooking flour is quite the same as flour 000). And also, the measurement in the different types. But it's going to be a nice improvement to my site.

Also, I have to improve the related article, so it can use tags (or title as a tag), and perhaps have a table to avoid consulting the DB too much; of related articles to related recipes. And have it shown only in the recipe view as a box like:
Or maybe floating on the bottom of the page. I have to test some ideas and view the best way to see the "related articles" in the recipe.