importan update about working in ACS

There are some things that I quite hate now, and is that they told me that the project was closed. So they cant hire me.

Well, now I saw a mail from a friend of me, that they told him that there are still TSM and Unix job offers.

I don't know why they first told me (about 3 or 4 times) that they want to hire me because they think that my skill are hight, but after that they just kick me without any explanation.

Please, be aware of ACS and if you can, don't work with them. Now they call themselves as ACS-INC, not only ACS.


working in ACS (or almost)

A long time passed since my last post. The main reason is that I was quite upset with my last job (at ibm), but was a personal thing with the crew that I was in. Then ACS came to my life. Some people called me from Mexico to tell me that they was looking someone with my skills (I'm certificated at TSM Admin, I have a large Unix experience and I'm a programmer also).

The first week of January they told me that they want to contract me as soon as possible. So I would begin to work with them the 11th of January. So the previous week I quit at IBM, and I prepared my self to make the movement to Cordoba Capital (they have the office there, 800 km from where I'm now). I had in mind that, as I haven't signed anything, I wasn't working with them, but they continuously called me to make my self comfortable. But at last time on the Thursday, they called me and said that the project is suspended, they was going to call me on Friday. But hey didn't.

On Monday (2009-01-11) I sent them an email to ask for news. But noting happened.

On Tuesday (2009-01-12) I sent another mail, coping more people, asking if the job offer is still there or I lost that, or any news. On that day, at my afternoon, they called me to tell me that the offer is canceled. That I have a nice profile to work with them, but the project was canceled.

So now, Sunday (2009-.01-17), after I paid for some fees for not making the moving of my stuff (but I have the packaging at home just to pack everything and be sent to Cordoba), I'm still in Buenos Aires, and I'm think that I'm going to work for some time in Unix.

I don't know if I would take in serious the world of ACS for now on, but I think that they didn't do this on porpoise. But the fact is that I'm unemployed now, and the firm that was going to hire me, just canceled the project didn't tell me anything else (nor any monetary compensation, or any other job proposition).

I don't know if this is normal to them, but be aware.