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After a really wicked 2020, and again in 2021, I'm turning the page


new project

After some time that I left my previous job, now I'm retaking one of the projects that I began doing there. But now, a full rewrite is gong to be made (as I do not have that code). The idea is a parser that takes the nmon files, and makes a html report file using highchart graphs and some jquery. By now, I'm analizying again the nmon files, and for most of the cases, the main regex that I'm thinking is:
Basicaly is just taking the index code, the title, and the rest of the parameters. The title is given before the first ZZZZ as:
CPU001,CPU 1 aserulo,User%,Sys%,Wait%,Idle%,Steal%
MEM,Memory MB aserulo,memtotal,hightotal,lowtotal,
And the first ZZZZ code is:
and using the time code as part of the hash, then I got a full table with datetime index, and the rest of the values of each row (getting the title as hash keys) and the values as:


filosofía en un manga

No importa que tan buena persona seas, o que tan duro trabajes, vas a terminar siendo el villano en la historia de alguien.


1 more good thing about jetbrains

I have some recurrent payments each month and year. And for the year payments, even the ones that are more than 100 USD I do not get any advance warning. But JetBrains 3 months before the end date, they sent me an email telling that they are going to charge the yearly subscription to the products via PayPal. Really, my respects to that company. This is the first subscription that I have that sends me an email some months before the end of the term to warn me that if I do not want the automatic renewal, I should cancel it. But really, working without PyCharm and DataGrid or for my projects using Redmine would be really difficult.