1 more good thing about jetbrains

I have some recurrent payments each month and year. And for the year payments, even the ones that are more than 100 USD I do not get any advance warning. But JetBrains 3 months before the end date, they sent me an email telling that they are going to charge the yearly subscription to the products via PayPal. Really, my respects to that company. This is the first subscription that I have that sends me an email some months before the end of the term to warn me that if I do not want the automatic renewal, I should cancel it. But really, working without PyCharm and DataGrid or for my projects using Redmine would be really difficult.


With my bike again


lvl 100 at wow

Atentamente, yo <Matías>
Victory breeds hatred, for the conquered is unhappy. He who
has given up both victory and defeat, he, the contented, is happy.


bought an IDE license

I'm not a full time java developer, nor any kind of developer. But for my work and for my life, I do a lot of things in java, python and ruby. Since a long time I'm using www.jetbrains.com/, and I was really hoping for one day to one day be stable enough to buy the all packages license. And from past month, I'm a happy owner of all the products, the ones that I used by now pychar, intellij idea (java) and was about to use redmine but I had to arrange my code to put in in a repository, so is taking some time to tidy up everything and began to code again.


paseando en ambulancia

Atentamente, yo <Matías>
Victory breeds hatred, for the conquered is unhappy. He who
has given up both victory and defeat, he, the contented, is happy.


what about my experience with kindle

I got a kindle about a year ago. Before that, I read some books, I enjoyed some of them (and really slept with others). Reading a normal book (tree format) is more about the light and the angle that you are reading in the bed, and from page to page, you must change to read the opposite page.

Reading in a kindle, as in a PDA, is more about getting the only angle or position to read. Once you are confortable, you can read for a long time without perturbations. Getting a kindle paperwhite, menas that I can read at night without any other light, and even in the train, an being able to view the page without problems.

I've already read the saga of Percy Jackson (in a couple of months, really nice story); and now I'm at the third book of "Is wrong to pick up girl in a Dungeon?" (light novel from Japan).

I'm stuck because I have a lot of work, but I really enjoy the saga that I'm reading now. Reading with a kindle is quite interesting and easy, I really recommend it. I had the chance to use a tablet to read, but I really think that the e-ink is quite better to an e-book hardware-book. And also with "calibre" you an change the format of anything to .mobi to be able to read it from the kindle without problems.