the path to walk: me and the social mirror

Yesterday I was talking with a friend, and she was complying about her life. That she thinks that she is pretty, that she is fare, but others do think that she is arrogant.

What I think is that, more over that you think of your self, is important to know and to acknowledge what others say about you. But tacking care who is giving their opinion to you. I mean, when they like you, most of the opinions trend to be good. And if you are hated, trends to be (exaggerated) bad.

An opinion about yourself is important, more if that opinion shows something bad about you. And (IMHO) is good to change, even if changing something that is part of your common acting/personality. As a social being, being nice to others is important, and changing what to others is annoying is difficult, as someone could take that as an insult. But the effort and the trip of the change, could make you learn something.

I don't mean to change something that is good, just the things that for most of the people could take as annoying and that yourself could take as annoying in others (selfish, arrogant, etc). The path of the Truth is not simple or easy to walk, but enforces you and let you be a better person.