kind of ToDo for my recipe site

For a long time I have a site that I made for recipes. Now, I got a module to handle in the way that I want, the uses, it's called device.

Now, in my internal ToDo, I only have to improve the import of the recipes (avoid having lines with ------~, etc). And is going to be my beta1 (after so many years).

After being in beta for some time, testing all the soft. I'm going to add the "make a buying list", that is quite simple, just an array associated to the user, that contains all the recipes selected by the user, when the user wants to see the list, is generated. All recipes are summed (quantities). for this, I have to have a list of different names for the same ingredient  (like flour, flour 000 and flour 0000 are not the same, but general cooking flour is quite the same as flour 000). And also, the measurement in the different types. But it's going to be a nice improvement to my site.

Also, I have to improve the related article, so it can use tags (or title as a tag), and perhaps have a table to avoid consulting the DB too much; of related articles to related recipes. And have it shown only in the recipe view as a box like:
Or maybe floating on the bottom of the page. I have to test some ideas and view the best way to see the "related articles" in the recipe.



This is what I mean when I talk about a kotatsu


new project (brain storming)

For some time I was out of new ideas. The only project that I was working (personal time) was my recipe site (isn't finish, but is about 85%).
Now I'm having and idea. Is quite simple, but the most critical part is not in the correct definition of the models, but the interaction of some models.
My new project is a mix of on-line education and notebook.

Some important points:
* web javascript editors (to associate with the models, for the different type of content).
** ie: text editors, diagram editors, image editors, spreadsheets editors, 
* Teacher role that can create his own classes, with RO documentation (comments/notes available as private thing, included in the doc or as a separated model). Having private forum/private messages with history and an imposed schedule.
* File types like articles, books, presentations, etc, diffier each another by the editor that is used (if the editor is oriented to publish just a small amount of text, without having sections, is an article editor, etc).
* A dashboard should be created to view (quick view) the files and probably other data (metadata or content)
* A quick link table (favorites, or something like that)

Beside the feature that an instructor could teach, the main reason for this program is to have notes organized in classes/themes (math 2014, gym 2014, etc), and had some documents with assigned time schedule.

For example, for french 101, just a note where to take the course or any other basic information scheduled from March to December on Mondays from 4 to 7pm, could be the year to take that class. And form exams or any other important event, associate another note or a bigger document (guide for a project), and this can have several alerts (1 or 2 previews and 1 last presentation, or whatever). The alerts shouldn't be associated to the basic schedule (as a project could be presented in front a special committee with its proper schedule/date time associated).

Another thing that this application should have is the capability to upload files. For example, if I had a division named "rent", I can upload scans from the payments


nice people are the worst

Last year, specific the 5th of January of 2013 I saw this:

In the background window is a publicity about Ravi Shankar, about an event called "The world meditate". What really annoyed me was the fact that this asshole stopped in the front of the pedestrian zebra.

The main thing about the meditation event was to make peace and promote the peace around the world. But why this asshole doesn't give a shit about the other people, specially the people that is walking and has to avoid the cars while he is comfortable with his AC in his car.

Perhaps this is just a coincidence that the driver has that image, but even if he/she doesn't has anything with the movement, is still an asshole. Respecting another person, specially if you are driving, should be the first priority, specially if that person is a walking


limit tag cloud with acts_as_taggable_on

Now that I'm having around 300 recipes (just testing recipes, the final count would be more than 10k), I was having some issues with the tags. The tag list was quite big and each new tag was added to the tag cloud.

So I searched for any nice solution, but all was quite messy. The solution was really simple.

To limit the tag-cloud, having something like:

  <% tag_cloud(Model.tag_counts, %w[s m l]) do |tag, css_class| %>
    <%= link_to tag.name, tag_path(tag.name), class: css_class %>
  <% end %>

The solution is something like:

  <% tag_cloud(Model.tag_counts.limit(30), %w[s m l]) do |tag, css_class| %>
    <%= link_to tag.name, tag_path(tag.name), class: css_class %>
  <% end %>

But almost all the solutions on the web makes changes in the controller, models and so on, but almost all that solutions adds more things than the simple answer to the problem


old building

Today I had to take a test (distributed learning), and the office that I had to go was in a place where the buildings were quite old, and I saw something that was fantastic to me. The main elevator was out of service, but where other two just 3 meters away. But the main elevator was an old one mounted inside the loop of the stairs, I love that kind of elevators.


WTF nick fury was something different, until diversity forced another ghing

I really don't have any problem against any minority, but I think that is an insult just to transform a beloved character from:

to the new

Is like a covered discrimination, just put a african-american in the middle just to adjust it to "diversity", but in reality is quite the opposite.