living in argentina: the common use of "vos"

In Argentina (and Uruguay) is common to hear "vos". This term is the "you", but has an interesting use and history.

In the times while Argentina were cutting relations with Spain and making its independence, the term "vos" was just to refer to the King and high functionaries of the Kingdom. When the new country was born, all the nobles lost their titles and respect. And to endurance that, the revolution speaks to everyone with the term "vos" as if everybody was noble now (as a kind of acid joke).

That term was very popular, and nowadays, is still used by everyone in this countries. As something cultural, this is very funny and shows the strange humor of the Argentinians.

There are other terms, used in the revolution of 1810, that are quite funny, as "la legión infermal" (the infernal legion), that was the main group of the revolution; the meaning of the flag (the blue and white was used by the King).
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