the education problem in Argentina (a federal problem)

For a long time in Argentina I heard that the country must be more federal, and not so concentrated around the capital city.

This is a long term problem, mostly because the main port is still in Buenos Aires, so everything is passing through this city (there is another ports inside the country, but mostly everything is still in Buenos Aires).

But in these days, the problem relays in other parts, more than just the economical importance of Buenos Aires. And that is that, if a family wants to move from one city to another, the education of the children is a problem.

In EEUU and another countries, the education program is shared among the whole country, but in Argentina, every city could manage some themes that they want to teach, relegating others. And even the when they want to teach that themes. That causes that, if somebody wants to move with his/her family, the child/ren of the family could lost the year, or must prepare some themes to give the equivalences to let this child take normal classes in the new school.

This is a mayor problem, to let the country become federal. And the most important part, is that the capital city couldn't get more people. This is an old city, that contains a lot of problems (structural problems, like the public services). And, as you could see in another cities, that there is a limit from city to city (some space without houses or buildings). Around the city you have more than 4 times of the surface of the city with the part called "Conhurbano", that is a continuous urban part from the center of Buenos Aires, to a long distance.

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The problem of the education, increments the problems of the city, that is not prepared to host so many people (and in workdays the city increments the number because in the surrounds host a lot of workers that their jobs are in the capital city).

And as the people is not moving from (usually is moving to) the capital to the other cities or provinces, the cost in doing that is quite high.

A solution to this problem is quite simple, make a "curricula" for the whole country, that is the same in every city around the country, and respected by all the teachers (specially the time when they teach every theme).
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