a new search engine from microsoft

I know that some people know me as a Microsoft heater, but the real thing is that I just think that Microsoft makes a less effort to provide the customers with hight level technology or good applications.

As I know, some bugs are known for years, but it keeps happens (as the inframe bug in the outlook).

I think that the new search engine is not ready (or better say "is unavailable for common users"). But I tried the common search "live search" of images. And I get an annoying surprise, when I look for my name and surname, I just get 5 images, and just one is a real photo of me. If I use google, I get plenty of images (ones of my face, and others that are pictures I took).

And when I change to look the same but in weg pages, I notice something nasty, the result not only shows the normal text of the page, but also the HTML code. I think that that is quite stupid. That is a copy of Google search, but Google doesn't show you the html code in the "abstract" result.

Knowing that things, including some open search engines are much more effective than Live search.
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